About Rasa Corporation

Medium and Long-term Vision

Quickly establish an efficient and strategic group management framework and expand in fields that can become new core businesses.

Medium and long-term management strategy

Following the acquisition of Izumi Co., Ltd. in January 2012, Rasa Corporation established the medium- to long-term management strategies of assembling a new management framework for its entire group and developing businesses while using synergies in order to create next-generation core businesses.

  • Establish a group structure that can maximize synergies.
  • Operate globally for activities ranging from resources and metallic materials to machinery and environmental equipments.
  • Expand the environmental business by using innovation driven by the company’s distinctive engineering technologies.
  • Always use the customers’ perspective in order to perform proposal-based sales closely linked to workplaces and provide services that achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Create and enlarge core businesses that can contribute to the advancement of many industries.

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