About Rasa Corporation

Management Philosophy

Rasa Corporation is dedicated to contributing to a prosperous society by selling products with the most advanced technologies and useful resources in Japan and other countries.

Fundamental Policy

To achieve more growth, based on our management philosophy, we will create and expand core competences that meet the demands of society and target the constantly evolving needs of our markets. We will use these actions to play a role in the perpetual advancement of society while achieving rapid growth of our own businesses.

  • We will rigorously manage risk and reinforce compliance programs to maintain the effectiveness of corporate governance.
  • We will operate more efficiently and more profitably by focusing resources on carefully selected activities.
  • We will upgrade and enlarge our human resources by focusing on maintaining a workforce with extensive knowledge of our products and technologies.
  • We will raise the equity ratio, increase financial soundness, and build an agile operating structure for new investments and growth of our businesses.

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