About Rasa Corporation

Message from the President

Our group is defined by the constant pursuit of new ideas for our customers and society as we draw on outstanding technologies based on expertise in gathering and using information. / Shuichi Imura President

Rasa Corporation is a specialized trading company that has grown consistently by supplying firms in many industries with resources, metallic materials, industrial machinery, construction equipment and other products. We give customers innovative proposals backed by expertise, skills and technologies in our targeted market sectors. Customers also rely on us for excellent support from our extensive maintenance and service operations. We have used these strengths to establish long-term relationships deeply rooted in trust with many customers. Leveraging our capabilities has enabled us to offer products that have high market shares in many categories. For example, Rasa Corporation ranks first in zircon sand in the mineral resource sector, slurry pumps in the industrial machinery sector and slag granulation equipment, which uses our exclusive technology, in the environmental equipment sector.

We have used acquisitions to expand into new business domains. In 2012, we acquired a majority stake of Izumi Co., Ltd., a trading company with a history of more than 70 years that handles synthetic resins, oils and fats, and chemical products. In December 2014, Asahitech Co., Ltd. became a member of the Rasa Group. This company designs, constructs and maintains equipment for petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants and manufacturing facilities in many other industries. In February 2015, we established Rasa Real Estate Co., Ltd. in order to improve the utilization of property owned by the Rasa Group. For many years, the Rasa Corporation had three core businesses: resources and metallic materials, industrial and construction machineries, and environmental equipment. These acquisitions have diversified our operations by adding the chemicals, real estate, and industrial plants and equipment businesses. Broadening our fields of expertise gives us the resources to build many types of partnerships with our customers in order to help them grow.

The Rasa Group is dedicated to using progress made in recent years to continue building a sound base for sustained growth. To create strategies and goals for this growth, we have established a new business plan called “Value Up Rasa 2021 – Create More Corporate Value” for the three-year period ending in March 2022. The entire Rasa Group will be taking many actions in order to accomplish the goals of this plan.

Our priorities are to focus resources on strategic business sectors, enlarge and upgrade our workforce, and improve financial soundness. We are also focusing on executing a rigorous risk management program and reinforcing compliance programs. All of these initiatives are aimed at setting the stage for more growth. In addition, we want to strengthen our current business operations while targeting growing markets and creating new markets.

The Rasa Group has a bright future. We are determined to continue using our strengths to make an even greater contribution to society while using consistent growth of our businesses to increase corporate value.

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