Investor Relations


Fundamental Policy

The Rasa Group’s business activities are grounded upon a relationship of trust between our clients and the Group and so strict compliance with laws and ordinances, firmly based upon our ethical principles, is the foundation for raising our corporate value. It is from this perspective that the Rasa Group proactively deals with the challenge of promoting compliance.

Our Response

The Group has created ‘Rules for Strict Compliance with Laws and Ordinances’ and a ‘Compliance Manual’ and aims to instil responsible behaviour across the Group in accordance with its responsibilities to society and on the basis of compliance with legal requirements.

To further the process of strengthening its compliance, the Group also established its ‘Rules relating to the Protection of Whistleblowers’ and aims to protect those that pass on information and has set up a structure that rapidly uncovers dishonest activity and sets out to correct it by establishing a system to deal with consultations and reports relating to both systematic illegal activity by directors and similar activity by individual employees in an appropriate manner.

Moreover, the Group has also created its ‘Rules relating to the Management of Internal Information and Restrictions on Insider Trading’ with the aim of addressing the problem of preventing insider trading through the implementation of employee training and education.

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